Animation Mentor Videos

Students Thank You video (Summer 2008) - Quicktime 30MB

Video created by the students for 2008 Summer Graduation.

Animation Mentor Student Showcase (Fall 2007) - Quicktime .8MB

Video showcasing Fall 2007 student's best work. Edited/created first two tracks of music.

Mentor Trailer (2006) - Quicktime .8MB

Video with interviews of past/current Mentors.

Student Trailer (2005) - Quicktime .8MB

Video with interviews of Animation Mentor Students.

1st Animation Mentor Graduation video (2007) - Quicktime .8MB

Video edited by partner/founder Bobby Beck, showcasing moments and highlights of AnimationMentor's First Graduation First Graduation in January 2007.

First Animation Mentor Trailer (2004) - Quicktime .8MB

Trailer and song I edited/created in 2004 showcasing Animation Mentor School.

CNN (2006) - Quicktime .8MB

International news coverage of the School.