Misc Work

Monsters University Animation Test (2011) - Quicktime 3.7MB

Animation test for rigging purposes done in prep production for the film Monsters University.

Toy Story 3 Animation Test (2010) - Quicktime 2.9MB

Spanish Buzz Animation test done prior to starting production on Toy Story 3.

Wall-E Animation Test (2008) - Quicktime 3.4MB

Wall-E Animation test done prior to starting production on Wall-E and shown at Comic-Con 2007.

Spike 3D (2005) - Quicktime .8MB

Animated this bumper with the Animation Mentor mascot (Spike) for online lectures. Also did Spike's voice.

Spike Cut Out (2005) - Quicktime .6MB

Animated this test in Maya with a CutOut version of Spike for a Radio shortfilm bid.

SWAT Monkey (2006) - Quicktime 2MB

Storyboarded and animated this sequence in Maya for a Radio Shortfilm in a cutout style. Design/Technical Director: Rachel Ito.

Watto Animation Test (2001) - Quicktime 3MB

I animated this test while training at ILM to learn the animation software and pipeline.