Live Action Misc

Puppet Test (2008) - Quicktime 30MB

Puppett test for fun. Mostly for learning HD post color correction/camera work.

"The Fingerboarder" (2003) - Quicktime 18MB

As if I wasn't bored enough, this time around I threw a wig on and made myself look even more sad. Still fun as hell. I learned a lot about editing and music on this one. Some of the tricks in here literally took me hours.

"Chess Fingerboarder" (2001) - Quicktime 15MB

My friend Eric (Professional Chess Player) and me decided we wanted to somehow put fingerboarding and Chess together somehow. This is the weird potato frankestein we came up with. Shot over two separate days. One day at a Chess Contest, the next day with the room completely empty. Everything else I worked it out on the editing.

Original Fingerboarding Video (1999) - Quicktime 15MB

After years of shooting skateboarding footage, this is the video that started getting me into learning other things of live-action. I basically wanted to make a video of fingerboarding, but shot exactly the same way I would shoot real skateboarding. Then I added the stupid parts too. Had so much fun doing this, that I wanted to continue doing more videos, etc.